Vega™ – Our Smart Bot

Manifesting easy, intelligent conversation to efficiently process a myriad of transactions for better customer experience and engagement


Solution Need:

  • Prevailing lengthy process of getting customer issues resolved and queries answered, is getting increasingly daunting for the anxious consumers
  • Growing number of accessibility channels are leading to a complex and time consuming customer experience
  • An omni-channel solution that can mimic real human conversation with ease of  sharing information faster and getting relevant resolution is the need of the hour
  • Customers expect  an experience that is personalized , giving sense of seamless transition and reduces the turnaround time.

Our Solution:

  • Our solution is an intelligent voice and text enabled consumer-centric bot – Vega. Vega is capable of handling a plethora of questions and transactions
  • Vega is built to handle swift registration and integration with popular Bot enabled social messengers (Facebook etc.) and consumer facing websites
  • It can be integrated easily with corporate intranet systems/applications
  • Vega is empowered with a robust Intent Recording Mechanism using Machine Learning, for persistent service improvement
  • The complex algorithms and statistical models that have been put in place empower Vega to predict relevant questions, context switching, and reduce the number of interactions to achieve accurate results
  • Ability to integrate with Amazon Alexa, Google Allo or any other voice enabled messaging system
  • Well researched conversational UI for better customer engagement
  • Built to deliver extreme personalization based on customer personas, consumer and information psychology
  • It can help you reduce the customer service support costs by ~40% and build a knowledge repository for future decisions and other analytics
  • Faster resolution to business queries led by our intelligent voice and text based self-learning system
  • Improved processes, productivity, engagement and satisfaction for internal and external customers
  • It is available on premise or on cloud
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