Battling the impact of Covid-19 together

The adverse effects of Covid-19 are trickling down to major sectors of the global economy. Consumer behavior is undergoing a drastic shift and the decline in payment volumes tell us that the financial services industry is far from immune to the impact of the crisis. The good news though, is the growing adoption to digital payments, which is boosting innovation for contactless payments. Global financial leaders are making changes to business models as they focus on flexibility and superior customer experiences.

Opus is committed to ensuring its employees’ safety and seamless customer business operations. We are here to help you accelerate your path to innovation and help you keep up with these unprecedented times.

Industry experts predict a precocious wave of changes across the Fintech ecosystem in the coming months. Opus believes the impact the Covid-19 pandemic will have on the industry is going to be drastic. Here are our top picks.

  • Shift towards a future of touchless payments
  • Surge in online commerce and digital checkouts
  • Consumer behavior-led innovation
  • Rise in solutions to combat fraud for digital payments

Payment Solutions by Opus for Covid-19 and Beyond

Rapid Payment Facilitation To Enable Small Merchants Go Online

Retailers must enable flexible shopping experiences across any device, through a single source. Whether you want to build a payment facilitator or a marketplace to onboard sub-merchants and sellers seamlessly, we got you covered.

Enabling Businesses With Contactless Payments For Delivery And Checkouts

Merchants, cardholders, acquirers, issuers, payment gateways and PayFacs can enable contactless payments with minimal changes to their existing infrastructure.

Enabling Contactless Authentication At Payment Terminals

Retailers can enhance their existing POS infrastructure to make way for faster payments processing, modern authentication and seamless payment experiences for their customers.

Contactless Cash Withdrawals

Contactless ATM cash withdrawals powered by friendly user authentications – smart solutions to ensure customers are in charge of seamless payment expectations.


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