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Digital Innovation Capabilities for Payments

Cloud Infrastructure & Hosting

Integrations, Microservices, and API Management


Data Management & Analytics

Customer Experience and Engagement

Digital Transformation Services & Solutions

Many companies have digital delivery skills focused on a narrow part of the value chain, without domain expertise. Opus is able to bring the domain and end-to-end technical expertise required to improve customer experiences, reduce operational costs, mitigate fraud & cyber risks, and manage payments innovation from beginning to end.

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Cutting through the Digital Transformation hysteria

Digital Transformation(DT) can be thought of as an “Inorganic” Evolution to beat extinction. It is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers.

It involves a transformation of leadership, lateral thinking, the encouragement of innovation and new business models. True DT requires a digitisation of assets and an increased use of technology to improve the experience of all your stakeholders.

Key steps to success

Most common stumbling blocks for Digital Transformation initiatives

  • Looming fear of the unknown in the minds of most decision makers

  • Hesitance to revamp technology infrastructure

  • Traditional mind-set that applications help run a business

  • Accelerating pace of innovation


Opus partners with leading payment organizations to transform their existing architecture to cloud-enabled platforms and respond in agile ways to market disruptions, driving continuous improvement.

Key Offerings

Cloud Strategy

Enabling our clients assess their existing infrastructure and recommend landscape redesign keeping cloud-led value and security in focus.

Cloud Transformation

Enabling migration, architecture definition, redesign and modernization.

Support Services

Cloud-agnostic approach for efficient monitoring, security and access management, scalability and availability management, database migration and management.

Integrations, API Management & Microservices

Opus collaborates with leading payment organizations to enhance enterprise agility by redesigning and redeveloping critical applications using Microservices. We help our clients simplify architectural complexity by building an API Strategy to achieve operational efficiency.

Key Offerings

API Development

Helping you build an API strategy, assess your infrastructure, and evaluate technology preferences and achieve digital business capabilities.

API Management

Quickly build sophisticated APIs, Create APIs from cloud and on premise services, publish them to a marketplace, and deploy them at scale.

API Governance

Manage and govern APIs, control reusability, comply with information security standards and manage API lifecycle.

Opus is a technology partner with and as we establish ourselves as a leader in Digital Transformation within the payments industry.


Customer Engagement, CRM Solutions & Services

Opus helps Fintechs, FIs and eCommerce leaders integrate payments to their CRM for sales management by fast-tracking their marketing lifecycle, enabling them to accelerate, identify and convert leads into prospective customers.

Opus is Salesforce Certified Partner with diverse experience in delivering cloud-enabled, automated solutions to solve complex business problems across the Salesforce ecosystem.

Opus’ strategic propensity, cloud enablement credentials, agility and execution speed helps leading Payments/Fintech organizations implement their solutions across Salesforce clouds .Our Salesforce-led helps you solve challenges in loan origination, customer account onboarding, agent onboarding, and to streamline other complicated workflows.

Salesforce Service Offerings


Our team of payments and technology specialists collaborate with you closely to understand your Salesforce strategy, help you map business processes, define technology architecture and design a strategic roadmap to achieve your digital plans.


Opus can be your implementation partner to help you deliver customer success and get the most out of their Salesforce implementations, while you nurture the relationships with your customers.

Salesforce Migration

Opus can deliver seamless Salesforce Migrations, maintaining data integrity and data hygiene. Our experts ensure the process is quick, reliable and flawless.

Product Engineering

Opus can help you develop mobile extensions to Salesforce applications, build business applications on existing platforms and enhance your Salesforce ecosystem for rapid digital transformation.


We specialise in DevOps and have years of experience applying lean agile principles across software development lifecycle.

Key Offerings

DevOps Strategy

We collaborate with large enterprises to help them automate & scale server provisioning for faster, error-free configuration deployment.

DevOps Implementation

We implement and run tools to support Continuous Delivery.


Data Management, Analytics & Machine Learning

Our team of expert data scientists, data engineers & domain consultants apply their thorough knowledge of payments industry challenges to help our clients implement intuitive and intelligent machine learning use cases with speed and dexterity.

Key Offerings

Deep Learning

Predictive Analysis

Statistical Modelling

Data Mining

Supervised / Unsupervised Learning

Some of our powerful use cases

Chargeback management

Merchant Underwriting

Effective cash management forecasting

Clickstream Analytics for analysing incomplete transactions

Artificial Intelligence

Our team of technology and payments domain specialists drives innovation and opportunities for complex problem solutions through an AI-powered Payments BOT.

Ailene™: AI Powered BOT to help our clients manoeuvre through complex payments processes.

Key Features

Pre-built financial vocabulary

Pre-built key banking functions like balance check, funds transfer, bill payments

Agent Routing in case of deadlock

Pre-built voice and chat features

Logging and Monitoring

Enhanced context switching and handling for enhanced customer experience

Multi-sensory support like Facebook, Alexa