EMV Compliance for a leading Prepaid Card Processor

Opus helps a leading prepaid card processor rebuild their large and complex legacy application to support secure EMV issuance.

A leading prepaid card processor based in the US wanted to revamp its legacy application to be able to support EMV issuance in the era of globalization for existence in various geographies. They were dependent on numerous other systems due to absence of direct interfaces to networks/association

Solution Overview

  • Opus studied the business landscape and analysed the nitty gritties needed for the implementation with minimum impact to the existing dependencies. They left no stone unturned to ensure the regulations are met, the testing with various players in the ecosystem in complete diligently and NIV certification is done
  • Opus upgraded the authorization platform to support Europe regions specific card requirements as mandated by MasterCard
  • The solution provided an Authorization Processing Engine
  • The solution also made provision for Information Portal which catered to :
    • Consumer
    • Processor

This helped understand the change and thus helped the client provide a smooth transition to their users.

Solution Benefits

  • The solution made the client’s product EMV compliant to guarantee security to its users
  • The solution integrated with payment service network directly and eliminated the possible discrepancies
  • The solution helped the client keep up with the increasing global footprint, increasing number of users and upgraded their legacy application to a more modern application suited to the needs of the users
  • It also provided a direct interface negating dependency on other systems
  • The solution brought in efficiency to the client’s product landscape and helped them save many million dollars
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