Opus helps Fintechs build innovative solutions and design new processes in the payments industry to let consumers transact anytime and anywhere.

Top Challenges Faced by the Industry as Fintechs Transform the Financial Landscape

The payments industry is thriving; Opus is at the forefront of developments in the payments industry and keeps a tab on the pulse of the market.

Discover ways Opus can help Fintechs succeed in a complex ecosystem

Opus helps leading Fintechs keep up with the evolving payment innovation by providing the latest solutions and product advancements to add value for increased success.


Opus enables PayFacs to build a cloud-ready robust platform for merchant management and support with flexible integration options. PayFac solutions and services pertaining to merchant management including onboarding, merchant settlement, commissions, and pay-outs for diverse payment methods

Payment Gateways

Opus offers end-to-end services for Payment Gateways spanning across a range of acquiring interfaces, transaction channels, payment methods and security measures. Microservices based payment gateway services and solutions to support modern payment methods including real time payments, dynamic routing, payment network interfaces, aligned with industry compliance, authentication, and payment security standards.

The Opus Advantage

  • Technology transformation and payment acceptance solution experts

  • Unique execution methodology

  • Rich experience with PayFacs and Gateways

  • Technology expertise to build agile and flexible solutions