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Happy 25th Anniversary, Opus! Wishing us many more years of unparalleled success and unrivaled services to our customers and partners. Congratulations on this special day.
Anshuman Sinha
The completion of 25 years for Opus is a significant milestone for all of us who are and have been a part of the Opus family. While we mark 25 years of revolutionizing payments, here's wishing us all continued success in the years to come. Happy 25th Anniversary, Opus!
Smeetha Thomas
I want to thank and congratulate Team Opus on this momentous occasion of its 25th year of existence. It is not just a great milestone but a wonderful journey all along with several fond memories and challenging times that we have scaled together. I feel extremely privileged and blessed to be part of this journey. Congratulations to Opus family!
I consider myself extremely fortunate to be a member of the Opus family. I enjoy working and collaborating with a talented and dynamic team. Here's to many more successful years for Opus. Wishing everyone a very happy 25th anniversary.
Michelle Lopez
Achievement of an organization is the result of the combined efforts of every individual. On this occasion of our anniversary, may we continue our success with passion, pride, and perseverance. Wishing everyone a happy 25th Anniversary.
Praveen TM
Opus for me has become a symbol of love and respect – towards each of my colleagues and towards those who helped it build from scratch. The founding fathers' original vision is what keeps us going so strong – both in technology and domain experience. I am so proud to say that very few Payment consulting companies can boast the kind of talented payment experts we have. As we continue to serve our customers and provide the best value, I congratulate each one of us to have achieved this significant milestone. All the Best!
Parag Kulkarni
Celebrating our silver jubilee is proof that we have come a long way to be identified as a pioneer in the payments industry. We have all been an essential part of our organization's journey and success. On this occasion, here's wishing all of us a heartiest 25th anniversary!
Syed Hadi
An anniversary is a good occasion to look back on what we have achieved. We have done an excellent job being the pioneers in the payments industry and are extremely proud and happy to reach this 25 years milestone. Happy 25th Anniversary.
Pravin Ganji
Happy 25th Anniversary, Opus! The Completion of 25 Years proves that we converted all the hurdles into opportunity and showcased ourselves as master in Payment Industry. It is pleasure working with Opus every day. On this special occasion congratulations to Opus family and wishing many more successful years ahead.
Atul Bonde
Opus has embarked its journey with three values, Pride, Passion and Perseverance which still stands true after 25 years. Its great journey, proud and happy to be part of it. Wishing everyone in Opus a very Happy Silver Jubilee Anniversary...!!!
Ravi Jadhav
Proud to be part of Opus as our vision and mission is clear enough to ride the future wave of digital payments. It is not just a company anniversary. It is a Opus family anniversary that has defied all odds to grow strong and achieve great things together within harmony. Congratulations and Happy 25th Anniversary!
Swapnil Tandle
Really appreciate Opus for not only caring about the existing employees but also creating opportunities for old employees and showing trust in them.
Sunny Dewan
Hii all,I want to congratulations to the organization for celebrating 25 years of excellence and thank you so much to give me a chance to including me in opus family.
Shaikh Moiz Mujaffar
This is not a Team Opus anniversary, it’s a celebration of a family who has overcome all odds to reach here. Happy 25th year anniversary! I feel extremely privileged and blessed to be part of this journey. Let’s keep inspiring one another in making the forward journey all the more glamourous.
Sudhakar Shetty
Opus has been like a family to me. Over the years have many fond memories. After 25 years also the principles remain at the core ..privileged to be associated with Opus.. Congratulations to us. Many more to come.. Cheers!
Sunil Padiyar
Opus for me like another home, I feel really honor as I'm part of Payment industry giant and it is truly amazing to see the company's grow Wishing Opus more success in the upcoming future. All the best for the company and Happy 25th Anniversary.
Ritesh Patil
Happy 25th anniversary OPUS. Wishing more success in the upcoming future. All the best for the company.
Sohan Shinde
Happy 25th Anniversary and congratulations to all the Opusites engaged during this great journey.
Witnessing such a historic moment is an honor. May the coming years bring more fortune and prosperity. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be a member of the Opus family and over the years have many fond memories.!! Happy 25th anniversary !!
Rohit Salunke
Happy Birthday and Joyeux Anniversaire Opus ! Congratulations on your achievements and unique culture built during the years. Thank you for delighting customers and employees alike. Our founders and CEO, Praveen TM, exemplifies some of the Values we all cherish and support. Perseverance and hard work is always rewarded - Wishing us all a wonderful celebrations and many more good years ! Christophe Kloussing
Christophe Kloussing
Golden 25 years of Opus. Glad to be part of the journey, thanks Opus for the opportunities and challenges to bring true potential. Many more to come. All the best to us...
Atul Patil
25 Years old Opus is a grown up youth in the Payments industry, Great team growing expertise & the DNA of the industry, All the best for the next 25, Cheers Team Opus.
Benoy Mathews
Congratulations and Happy 25th Anniversary Opus!! Amazing milestone which has transpired by the vision and effort of everyone involved along the journey. Wishing Opus lots of success in the years ahead. All the best!
Nikhil Jacob
Congratulations to all the Opusites on 25th Anniversary. Its been great pleasure to working with such a talented and dynamic techies. Its a great journey, proud and happy to be part of it.
Jotiram Shinde

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