Loyalty Management System for a leading Financial Services provider

In the rapidly changing business backdrop, Opus helps their client retain thousands of consumers every year.

A leading Financial Services and General Purpose Reloadable Prepaid Debit Cards provider in the USA struggled with customer retention. Opus studied the demanding situation well and worked collaboratively with the client to deliver a robust loyalty and reward management system by leveraging alternate marketing channels, leading to astounding customer retention.

Solution Overview

  • Opus adopted a phased approach to implement a Loyalty Management System to understand the crux of the situation well and keep up with the pace of changes the client was undergoing
  • The solution catered to loyalty points control, multiple consumer transactions to attract loyalty points, configuration of reward points, and configuration of redemption plans, displaying loyalty points, administration and authentication
  • Opus constructed a responsibility matrix that helped the clients get an industry overview on the tasks and responsibilities of the key players in the entire loyalty management system
  • A modern web application was developed for file uploads, customer segmentation, loyalty plans & administration module
  • Opus provided a two factor authentication mechanism for logging into Loyalty Management System

Solution Benefits

  • The solution served as a one stop shop for the client for loyalty points management, accumulation, configuration and redemption
  • It helped the client plan their customer migration better and faster thanks to the phased implementation
  • It gave consumers the freedom to collect rewards at their will and choose between multiple options available for redemption.
  • The solution was secure and reliable
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