Payment Facilitation

Opus builds payment facilitation solutions that ease merchant processes and empower merchants to accept secure payments over modern channels.

Industry Trends that are leading Payment Facilitators to success in the Digital age

Understand how Opus can help you build a reliable payment facilitation solution

What makes Opus a great partner for PayFacs ?

  • Payments Specialists for over two decades

  • Specialists with PayFac solutions to support Sales, ACH transactions, split payments, recurring payments

  • 3D secure enabled solutions for supporting global payment network-branded cards

  • Paperless, digital contract enabled merchant on-boarding

  • Home grown model for smart routing based on least cost and priority

  • PCI DSS Compliant Merchant Services platform

  • Integration with financial institutions for ACH support and tokenization services

  • Integration with acquirer, interchanges using ISO 8583, XML, 20022 message formats

  • Integration with merchant ERP system for invoice management and payments against invoice

  • Transaction authorization based on AVS, CVV and 3D Secure

  • Centralized and de-centralized merchant reconciliation and settlement

  • End-to-end dispute management support with VISA and MasterCard

  • Multi-acquirer e-payment gateway with comprehensive functionality

  • Business rule support for transaction authorizations and real time fraud screening

  • API/SDK support for quicker integration with third party systems

  • Optimized report extracts with dynamic search functions