Payment Gateways

Opus can help you build technology solutions for a rapidly evolving digital commerce.

Opus helps their customers move faster, and meet evolving technology, business, and regulatory demands. We realize the value of modern technologies for delivering connected experiences. Our systems are built using malleable architecture to driving innovation. We are adept with modernizing applications in the cloud and integrating them with other systems to accelerate transformation.

Industry Trends Fueling the Growth of Payment Gateways

Explore how Opus can help you build a Payment Gateway for exceptional customer journeys

Multifactor Authentications

What makes Opus a great partner for Payment Gateways?

  • Pioneer of payment services to use debit cards for online purchases ​
  • Multi-acquirer e-payment gateways with comprehensive functionalities
  • Built gateways using Microservices to enable instant bank transfer payment option, using bank accounts or modern payment channels such as mobile wallets, real-time payment options. ​
  • Global payment network Merchant Plug-In & Access Control Server experience
  • Impeccable track record ​of payment gateway development
    • Built India’s largest payment gateway with 5,000,000+ transactions per month​
    • Debit, credit, ACH and e-cheque support ​
  • End-to-end solution for securing Card-Not-Present(CNP) transactions​
  • Gateway configuration as the central point of contact for enabling business orchestration​
  • Authority and flexibility in changing business rules​
  • Adaptability to new systems in the future owing to connectivity topology​
  • Transaction Processing Interface (Payment Gateway) for CNP and e-Check transaction for Ecommerce & MOTO.