Payments Cloud

Apps to manage Merchants, Agents and more….


Solution Need:

  • Our solution serves as a single platform that provides ready to use applications for various primary and secondary sales enablement in payments
  • Our solution is built on the Salesforce platform and can be integrated with various core systems and third party applications that can help enterprises rapidly expand their network and enable downstream partners (improve on-boarding/account opening process by 40-50%)
  • Enterprises looking for collaborative and compete model can leverage these applications to monetize some of their assets

Our Solution:

  • Suite of point solutions for various payment business processes
  • Enables ISOs/Processors/Acquirers/Merchants/Remittance business processes to access and hook into required third party system(s) of home grown core applications
  • Well defined APIs to connect to partner ecosystem(s)

Our solution caters to the following business areas:

  • Remittance – Agent Management (On-boarding/Account opening, Community Collaboration Portal, Agent Performance management, Behaviour Analytics)
  • ISO/Acquirer/Issuers/Processors -Merchant Servicing (Account opening, Merchant performance, Document Management, Merchant Retention Analytics, Di spute Ticket management)

Our Proposition:

  • One time application download fees. Tiered pricing for each application under the solution umbrella
  • Value added services to all players in the payments ecosystem
  • Business process change Consulting and Professional

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