Payment Switch

Opus enables efficient and agile processing for digital payment transactions, reducing costs and eliminating operation inefficiencies.

Opus is enabling businesses to develop, implement and scale secure Payment Switch solutions for tomorrow using emerging technologies such as Cloud and APIs. We help our customers keep up with customer demand for new products and services by managing cloud-based payment systems for them.

Industry Trends Shaping the Future of Payment Switching

Discover our strengths with managing financial transactions across multiple channels

What makes Opus a great partner for your Payment Switch solutions?

  • Opus developed a suite of products to fit in open standards, highly flexible and scalability
    • Comprehensive Switch solution for 170+ customers, 200+ product implementations across 30+ countries, drove 50,000+ ATMs, 250,000+ POS and 2 billion annually processed transactions
    • Implemented for 20+ large banks across the world
  • Opus leverages home grown accelerators to expedite implementation and business process mapping
  • 800+ person years of experience with acquiring, routing, switching, authenticating, and authorizing across several channels
  • Opus leverages modern technologies to ensure your solution is scalable and flexible
  • Experience with seamless integrations with global payment networks
  • Strong experience with popular industry specifications and protocols such as D91X, NDC, XML, HPDH, ISO8583,ISO 20022
  • Vast experience with device handlers NDC+ & D912